Hey y’all!

I did it. I got a new job. I took that reckless plunge and gave up my cushy corporate job that I was just so unhappy at and accepted a job at a local pet resort! It’s the WORST. It makes me be a morning person again, so my day is half over before half of y’all wake up! It’s a lot more physical than my last job, but I like it. It’s good for me and keeps me moving! And best part of all; I get to play with puppies! Added bonus: They all have homes already so I don’t have to be tempted into adopting them all either. I can put off my full transition into crazy dog lady a while longer. 😉

I can also bring Dori to work with me sometimes, which is an awesome plus!



Totally wore this shirt the day I quit my soul-sucking call center job, too. #IdRatherBeWithMyDog 😉





Lets see, what else is new since my last post FOREVER ago, after I promised I would be posting more often lol

Oh, I have a new vehicle, as well! Two weeks in to my new job my poor car straight up BROKE down. The thought of taking Marge to the junk yard made me want to cry. I ended up donating her to Wheels for Wishes. So, at least she did a little good before she was ultimately junked. Poor girl.

Now I’m driving my grandparent’s van, they were looking to sell it anyways and they gave me a helluva deal on it. Stan the Van, or Stanley Red is his how I refer to him. (Because I name all my vehicles) But yeah, I thought it would be a good in between vehicle, and good for my huge dog and when I move again. He’ll do great until I can actually afford to buy a new car someday. 😛

Dori’s first drive in the van was kind of comical. She decided the front seat is better than having the entire back of the van to herself… typical.



She still doesn’t feel comfortable riding in the back and has to sit on the seats.

Because she’s a princess..


We also got a new roommate since the last post! IMG_0911

Okay, well that’s his dog, BooBoo.  haha  She came with a pretty cool dude for a roommate, though. It’s nice having someone who is clean, but also goes through lazy spurts, likes to drink beer and watch tv, then gets shit done again.  We get each other.

I loved that he had BooBoo, though.  Dori needed a dog friend. And it was funny because they both liked each other, but also didn’t really care about the other one. Both the dogs would do their own thing, play for like a minute, and then be like, “okay, see ya around.”

Boo was soooo stubborn when it came to coming in the house, though. Typical Husky, loves the outdoors and lives by her own rules.  I’m also pretty sure she was carrying out a master plan to excavate a straight shot to China in the backyard.


Anyways, that’s about all that’s new with us… for now.

♥ Ariel and Dori


p.s. We’re actually moving again next week! That’s how behind I am. Ha! Stay Tuned! XD