A Few Months Later…

Whew,  sorry to leave you on the edge of your seat for so long!  We’ve been super crazed and busy going though the whole moving process.. Finding a place that allows my big well-behaved dog in Nashville was way more difficult than it needed to be; trying to meet potential roommates in between working my crappy schedule that’s opposite of every other normal human being was the woorrsst and took up ALL of my little free time.  BUT thankfully, we finally found a place last minute!

It’s an adorable little house that Dori and I share with 2 strangers who seem nice enough; no murdery vibes, but no real friendship vibes coming from them either.  But the house had a washer and dryer, fenced in yard, and rent was affordable; so at the point of DONE  I was at in my house hunting in crunch time, those three things were basically all I wanted.


Dat front porch, doe.

You can tell how tiring the moving in and unpacking process was/still is, just by seeing how exhausted Dori is from just watching me unpack.  All she really cared about was the fact that the bed was made again.


Lazy cow


Dori and I have also started doing some extra training, as well!  She’s pretty well behaved already, but can still get a little too excited at new places and when seeing other dogs on walks, which when you’re a big dog can tend to scare some people.  So, we hired some extra help and have been working hard so she can be an even better good girl when we go new places and I can be 100 percent comfortable when taking her on adventures! GET EXCITED.

In other news, I also broke down and tried out medications to help with the anxiety and depression stuff. But that nice little experimental process of finding the right medication didn’t really work too well with work, each one I tried either made me nauseous or my head super foggy and dizzy, so I just kind of gave up on help with medication. I couldn’t afford time off of work to find one that would actually let me focus at work.  BUT, now that I have the place to live the anxiety has calmed down quite a bit, like back to my normal functional level, and the fact that I can focus on new job hunting again makes me super excited! Not that I’m not grateful for my full time job, and all it’s given me. I just mentally can NOT stay there much longer. Enough about that, though.

Let me tell you another reason why we haven’t gotten out to explore:  It has been HOT here!  I mean, I know, “Duh, it’s summer, Ariel!” But, my car car doesn’t have air conditioning and until about 2 weeks ago the front windows were stuck up, too; for a good 3 months! It felt like I was driving around in a literal oven in this Nashville summer heat!  Waaaay too hot to drive around much of anywhere with the poor cow.



I guess she thought she was going to be driving that day.


So, now that you’ve heard all my lame excuses for why we haven’t been more on top of “exploring the city/taking on the world/yay, adventures!” stuff, I’ll give you a little snapshot of what we have been doing in my free time these last couple months. Mostly hanging out at home in our awesome backyard or the dog park.. the usual.

Loving the fact that we have a little porch again! You can see not much has changed, still eating ice cream and hanging outside, but now with the luxury of a porch! Not as great as our old Carbondale porch, but it’ll do just fine.


Porch life is literally, my favorite life. Our old Carbondale porch was my happy place.

The dog park is still my favorite place to spend free time in Nashville. Is that sad? Maybe. But Two Rivers Dog Park is literally the best dog park we’ve ever been to. They even host Dane Days meet ups every now and then. Those are always so fun! We go out there and there is just a herd of other great danes running and playing, making silly faces.  Dori mostly just stands around, waiting for other people to pet her. haha

On one of our recent trips we met a mini look-a-like! As if I didn’t have puppy fever enough already!  His mom and I had a nice time trying to get them to sit by each other long enough for a good picture.  That puppy energy doesn’t care about boring pictures.  He’s got an Instagram page, too. So we’re excited to watch our new friend, Great Dane Gary, grow up to probably be bigger than Dori someday!

Anyways, that’s about all that is new with us lately. We’re pretty boring right now, but gearing up for some great times, I can feel it!  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to actually sit down and post again. I promise there will be more, more exciting, and more frequent, posts to come soon!




Here we go…

I should have gotten around to updating this sooner, but you know, life happened. I’ve been meaning to use this site more often and really get into it. It will be a way more productive use of my internet time, anyways. Much better than scrolling through Facebook posts or online shopping. So, let’s push the reset button and start from square one.

So, I’ve decided to use this more as an actual blog now.. and actually USE IT!  I still plan to have my old and new projects on here, as well, but for the most part I’m just going to keep it in a pretty casual and conversational tone.

To be 100% real with you all, depression and anxiety has kind of kicked my ass the last few months, and to be even more honest, the last few years.  But, I think this blog will at least be somewhat therapeutic for me, if nothing else.

I moved to Tennessee a few months ago thinking a new adventure was all I needed, and it was definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m currently living in the geographical state I wanted, but not exactly the state of mind, yet.  Turns out it’s hard making friends in a new city when you’re exhausted from adulting and working at a job that’s slowly killing your soul.  So, to combat those pesky depressive feelings and lazy habits I’ve decided that I am going to use this blog to force me to get out and about and explore the city and shit like I want to.

So, basically it’s just going to be my blog without a theme. I guess it could be called a “lifestyle” or “personal” blog, but anyone who reads it will see it’s basically going to be just posts about me and my dog living life and exploring around.  More simply put, we should just call it, “A Dame and her Dane.”   Yeah, I kinda like that.

So, here we go. Stay tuned for more posts about A Dame and her Dane. 🙂

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