The Portfolio Type Stuff

While this site is mostly just a personal blog now, as I stated in my original “comeback post,”  when I first started her up in college it was supposed to be a professional portfolio of sorts.  So, I am still going to keep my old, and hopefully, new projects on here, as well.  I’ve semi organized different projects and such in the subpages. Feel free to look through the development of my previous works on the individual pages!


And of course, if you’d like to keep up on my work history, you bet you can find a link to my Linkedin Page here, as well!

A little rundown of my career and future goals:

I graduated for Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in May 2014 with a degree in Journalism, specializing in Advertising and a minor in Psychology. This combination has broadened my understanding of the psychology behind consumer behavior and how to apply it in work and life.  I had the opportunity to take many helpful courses in marketing, graphic design, and copywriting among many others.  Honestly,  I got a little lost in customer service jobs after college, but would like to get back on track with an opportunity that would allow me to really use my degree and be passionate about my work again.

I also have a natural passion for helping people, I think it roots from being the oldest of ten siblings; and why I so easily flock to customer service jobs, but I would ultimately like to someday work for an nonprofit organization, doing something that would raise awareness for an organization that puts some good into the world.

Dear potential future employers:

If you’re entertaining the idea of hiring me and have found yourself here, please keep in mind that this site’s theme is mainly very casual and I am much more professional in a work environment.  My work ethic is one of my traits that I am actually am very proud of,  I am always eager to help anyway I can and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Like most decent humans, I like to be laid-back and be silly, but also know when it’s time to be serious and professional.  We can talk more about it in my upcoming interview, hopefully. 😉