So, here you can  find some of the amateur graphics work  I’ve had the pleasure of creating, half of which are always a “work in progress.”

Most of the graphics and design layouts I have done were for class projects, and as my fortune would have it, I lost a lot of the files in a traumatic flashdrive losing incident during my junior year of college.  Yes, I sometimes still lose sleep over it.  So, here are a few of the files I could scrape up from my past, and a few of my more current workings, some for school projects, some just for fun. 🙂

So, lets start with the eeeaaarrrlly stuff:

This gem I still want to finish someday, if I can ever find the original file. He’s a baboon created in Adobe Illustrator for a Graphic Design class I took waaaay back in my high school days. This guy has some real potential to be adorable, and someday I’d like to go in and add all the more detail he needs in the fur to really bring him to life!


For that same high school graphic design class, I also created this super amateur movie poster via Photoshop to show off my love for A Knight’s Tale, and Heath Ledger, in general.  This guy makes me giggle a little bit.. I was just learning out to blend stuff, and may have done a bit of overkill on it. haha  The title could totally use a different font and be moved down towards the bottom to balance that b*sh out a bit, but hey; you gotta be able to laugh at yourself a little sometimes, right?


In one of my later graphic design classes in college, our class made a brochure layout for our School of Journalism. This was my group’s inside design layout of that brochure.


Pretty nice, right?  We actually did a whole lot of assignments “redesigning” stuff  for our School of Journalism department.

… Bear with me as I keep finding and adding more projects!

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