S.T.A.N.D. Campaign Project

During my senior year at SIU I took an advertising class that was probably one of my favorite experiences, because it wasn’t just a class.  The whole semester our class worked on a campaign project that would really affect the lives of real people for the better.

I was a Team Member for the research of this awesome campaign,  which aims to encourage positive parent-child engagement in addressing the risk factors of NCD’s and reducing the number of Non-Communicable Diseases among Palauan people.

In May 2014, our team actually presented this campaign to the CDC, and this campaign will appear in Palau and presumably other pacific islands in the coming years.

My duties on this project included:
Editing the campaign book to ensure proper grammar and APA style formatting.
Assisting the creative team in creating advertisements to display in Palau.

Here is that awesome S.T.A.N.D. Campaign we had so much fun working so hard on!